At la Maison Oudone, the silk is worked according to the tradition of the time immemorial weaving art of Laos.
The raw material is meticulously selected and only natural dyeing is used.
The creation is inspired from both Lao traditional patterns and western trends. In their workshop next to la Maison Oudone showroom, the weavers use ancestral know-how to realize the stole. The thread of silk is selected from China for is softness and brilliance. Some stoles are made from lao silk for its natural aspect. Each fabric is unique, radiant with the magic natural nuance. Colors are obtained from local flowers, barks, insects and fruits. Since its establishment, Oudone has collaborated with a number of creators and designers. For its preciousness, its silk has been chosen to make Japanese kimonos. A pre-view of the collection was featured at the 2002 Salon Maison et Objet, combined with lacquer ware by H.K Trade (showroom at rue Beaurepaire, Paris). The products of Oudone are characterized by tradition, quality, beauty and uniqueness.

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